Personalized Estate Planning Made Simple

One all-inclusive package to secure your last will & testament and power of attorney documents.

“The Bennett & McClammer elder law team provided us with clear and customized guidance in estate planning, which is complicated by blended families and land conservation interests. We have very much appreciated their insight and patience.”


“I met Ken in 2014 when I needed to discuss an issue about an elderly friend. From our many conversations, we knew a guardianship would be needed. When the time came, I called Ken. He always took my calls and when I needed him he was always there. He’s knowledgeable, his voice helps you understand what’s going on and he truly cares for people. I have referred friends to Ken for their elder law needs. “


“Working with Sara has been an absolute delight. Originally she helped me with my husband’s estate. She was efficient, reasonably priced and very caring. I really enjoyed working with her. Her assistant, Terri, also was very helpful and was available to answer any questions I might have, Next, Sara helped me with my estate planning so my sons will not have to worry about matters when I die. After that, Sara handled my mother’s estate. Again, she was wonderful!! If I were to ever have any estate or probate issues, I would immediately call Sara. I feel that in addition to finding an excellent attorney, I also found a good friend.”


It’s not fun to talk about, but…

None of us are going to live forever.

Our days on this earth are numbered and, while it isn’t the most pleasant conversation piece, neglecting to face it could make things far more unpleasant for our family or friends when we’re gone. The last thing any of us wants to do is add complication, confusion, or even conflict on top of an already challenging time.

But, we get it. Estate planning can feel intimidating and paperwork too easy to put off. That’s why we’ve developed a painless estate planning process that will give you the peace of mind you deserve today, while leaving things tidy for your family down the road.

Get everything in order for your loved ones.

Three simple steps
leave nothing to chance.

Bennett McClammer Start With a Complimentary Call Icon

Start with a complimentary call.

During a short virtual call, we’ll get to know each other and discuss any concerns or special circumstances in your family, making sure nothing is overlooked.
Bennett McClammer Review Documents Drafted Just For You Icon

Review documents drafted just for you.

From there, you’ll complete a simple but thorough form, from the comfort of your home. Based on your answers, we’ll draft custom documents and send them to you for review.
Bennett McClammer Your Wishes are known Icon

Rest assured your wishes are known.

After making sure everything is just the way you want, we’ll file your documents appropriately so you can move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Your package includes:

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Last Will & Testament

Power of Attorney

Healthcare Power of Attorney & Living Will

“Sara is wonderful to work with – I highly recommend her! She walked me through the process of estate planning from start to finish, answered all my questions, and was very flexible. For something as important as estate planning, it was important to me to work with someone I trust, and I know I’m in great hands with Sara.”


A little effort is worth the huge sigh of relief.

We guarantee a process that’s easy, cost-effective, and highly customized.


No one likes to think about dying. And, frankly, thinking about estate planning can feel downright intimidating. With Bennett & McClammer, you’ll find that discussions about future scenarios don’t have to be unpleasant and our process is as simple as a virtual call, a form, and some signatures.

It’s too easy to put off.


Caring for the future well-being of your loved ones is too important to be prohibited by cost. We’ve worked hard to create a service that takes care of every detail in a streamlined way, making it affordable for everyone. Short of a generic online form that may overlook critical details, we don’t think you’ll find a more cost-effective service, especially considering our comprehensive approach.

We watch out for your wallet, as well as your future.

Highly Customized.

The most valued feature of our service is the care we take to consider every nuance of your specific circumstances and create a plan that caters to your family. Unlike generic forms, we make provision for things like adult children, step-children, those with special needs, and anything in your family dynamic that feels a little “outside the norm.”

Every detail matters.

Straightforward pricing and no hidden fees.

Hourly Consultation

Per Hour

The perfect option for those who have an exisiting plan that needs adjusting or a second review.

The Perfect Package

$700 for Individuals
$850 for Couples

all-inclusive package
This package includes everything in the standard Perfect Package, but we’ll come to your home for your signatures.
Geographical limitations apply.

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Your future deserves provision, your present deserves peace of mind.

The thought of your children or loved ones left in chaos, financial stress, or even conflict after you’re gone can be heart-wrenching.

We’ve made it easier to leave the legacy you want.

Get your Free Personal Inventory Planner

Download and print this simple worksheet, fill it in, and store in your fire safe. In the event of a tragedy, your loved ones can quickly access crucial information such as account numbers, passwords, and all the details you’d want them to know.