Part 2: You Haven’t Gotten Around to Completing Your Estate Plan

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Estate Planning | 0 comments

According to a 2020 survey, almost two-thirds of Americans do not have an estate plan. When asked why, most respondents stated that they simply had not gotten around to creating a plan.

This is reasonable. The process can be uncomfortable and arduous. Plus, who wants to think about their own death? Throw in a global pandemic, school closures, and job layoffs and you get a whole lot of people who have other things on their mind.

I get it.

But, 60% of respondents to the survey also stated that they know estate planning documents are important. So what do you do when you know something is important but it keeps falling to the bottom of your to-do list? I like to demystify the process and then break it down into small, manageable steps.

So first, let’s talk about the estate planning process and what it entails. Hopefully this will allow you to see that the process isn’t terrible. The first step is setting up your free consultation. During that call I get to know you and your family and I learn your estate planning goals. From there I suggest a completely customized plan to meet your needs.

If you want to move forward with the process, I have you pay half of your estate planning fee up front, and then I send you an intake form. The form usually takes 10-15 minutes to fill out. From there, I prepare your unique estate planning documents and email them to you. I email them as Microsoft Word documents so you use track changes to easily and accurately make revisions. Once the documents are finalized we meet in person or virtually to execute them.

This process can be completed in a matter of weeks and you will be well on your way to creating peace of mind!

Second, let’s talk about action items to get this process started. You can read about me and my process right on my website. Next you can schedule your free consultation.  You can call or text (317-489-6078), email (, or sign up for your free consultation online. It’s that easy!

I look forward to working with you!



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